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Trust Me!

Yeah!!!!! This post won 

TRESemmé Ramp Ready Hair - IndiBlogger Contest Runner-up

"But I am supposed to be handling the logistics, not strutting my stuff out there. You must be out of your mind".

"I know, but it is the only solution we have. Philo Aunty just called in sick. Apparently, she went overboard with her sea food diet. You are our only hope."

"Say what you would, Rebecca. I am not going up there.Why don't you ask Simran?"

"Simran is in charge of the costumes. Roshni is handling sound. Julie is going bonkers with the catering while Amrita is hosting the event. So, you really are the only one left. So stop stalling for time or looking for a back up. There isn't any. Diana is getting her make up done. Once she is through, we are on."

And so, I found myself stuck as a substitute model for the Community May Ball Fund Raiser. The good news,there was no swimwear round. But don't even get me started on the bad news. It all began a month ago when we were in the initial stages of planning. Yours truly came with a brilliant idea of having 'real women' walk the ramp and present them as the Domestic Goddesses that they were. This, as a tribute to the ladies who don't tire day in and out and make a house a home. The community bought the idea hook, line and sinker. And now, I was stuck in my own sales talk. I wanted to kick myself. And who was this Diana? Must be some new chica in the neighbourhood. I was walking absent-mindedly to the green room when I bumped into her.

"Ooops sorry, my bad." I said, apologizing almost immediately. It just did not seem to be my day. 

"It's ok", she  said. "Hey, are you from the events team? I was wondering if we are good to go?"

She must have seen the organizer I-card around my neck, I figured. And then I noticed her. Almond shaped eyes, skin that glowed and hair that danced to her movements. She was wearing a floral tunic teamed with jeans. Summer had never been hotter! The girl was getting the mercury to rise. She was exquisite and suddenly, I was feeling inadequate. I began fidgeting with my hair, trying to distract her from my imperfections. Funny, the reactions a young woman can evoke in an older one. But she seemed to be so familiar. Where could I have seen her?

She sensed my nervousness. "Hi, I am Diana", she said as she offered her hand in a warm greeting. 

"And I am in big trouble", I blurted out. If she was taken aback, she did not show it. Where had I seen that face before? "I am sorry", I continued. "I have just been asked to fill in as a last minute entry for the fashion show and I am a bunch of nerves as you can see." Why was I telling a perfect stranger all this? Was she a stranger? Damn, memory can be so selective at times.

She smiled. "I understand, but you seem capable. What is the problem, if I may ask?"

She had broken the dam. Too late to turn back now. My worries flooded the conversation. "Well, I have the costume in place but I just can't figure what to do with this", I said, pointing to my hair clumped by an unflattering rubber band. "And my grey cells seem to have taken a break. I can't work this thing out but I can't let the community down either." I sounded pathetic even to myself. 

"I know just what to do. TRESemmé", she said with a lit up face.

"I would trust you honey, but I have no time for experimentation."

She laughed. "Trust me, yes, but TRESemmé Hair care range is what I was talking about. I totally depend on it and it has never failed me ever. Come on, let's get you ramp ready."

Well, I was as it is stuck in no man's land, so might as well go with the flow. As we neared this huge vanity van it hit me. She was DIANA PENTY. Oh my dear Lord! I seriously need to start taking them darn memory pills. But that girl was so sweet and down to earth. How was I to know I was talking to a fine actor who was creating ripples in tinsel town? You hear such horror stories about them in the tabloids. But wait, what was she doing HERE? Well, first things first. Let's get my hair sorted! I had a show to put on for crying out loud.

I had a quick shower in her van with the  TRESemmé Climate Control range of products that she handed me. I could get used to this luxury, if it wasn't for the time constraints, sigh. The shampoo worked up a great lather and the conditioner helped untangle my unkempt hair. The hair felt nice and soft. The bounce was unmistakable. My curls were even more defined and the frizz was non existent. When I had towel dried my hair, she showed me a three step hairdo called the 'side sweep style'. With an ample quantity of mousse, I had the curls in place. A deep side parting, twist of the hair to the right side four times in a row and pins. Voila, I was ramp ready! 

And after that I have no recollection of the evening that seemed to be a part of some fairy tale. Needless to say, I rocked the party! The  Community May Ball Fund Raiser was a great hit. And, our chief guest Diana Penty turned out to be the school mate of one of the organizer's nieces. She wasn't sure if she could make it, hence her name had not been featured in the Event Flow. I think she really was my angel in disguise. Anyway, all pieces of the puzzle fit in perfectly. Tresemme!

This post has been written for the Indiblogger contest in association with  TRESemmé. To know more, visit


Ritu said...

We need a pic of your hair, all done up. Its gorgeous anyway, with or without Tresemme

Bhav.Zz said...

All the very best BlogwatiG, for the contest, and lovely write-up as always :)

hitchwriter said...

Geez... for a moment I thought you actually met her !!!!! :D

All the best for the contest :D

JANU said...

Had a ball reading your article...nice as always. Good luck too dear.

sridevi datta said...

You do spin some hair rising tales lady ! Good that Tresseme worked for ya :)

Vidya Sury said...

:-) Nice! Is that a true story? :D All the best for the TRESemme contest!

Prateek said... of those encounters where you make the reader jealous!! Especially if the reader is a young single man! :D
It's refreshing to hear that at least some celebs are not a bundle of bad attitude. You should posted a pic or two in this post.

Btw, absolutely stunning description of Diana. Again, only if the copy-paste feature wasn't disabled, I would have certainly saved those lines for future use! LOL :D

Pixie said...

wow! you met Diana!! I've heard only good things about her from friends who have friends in tinsel Town! :P

beautiful write up as always
and yea, we need a pic of your awesome hair. I need to try out this product.

Meena said...

U hould hv put a pic of u all dressed up to make this post complete

sharmila k said...

Pic toh banta hai !! All the best BG for the contest.

Blogwati Gee said...

I have yet to upload that.......but thank you for the compliment :)

Blogwati Gee said...

Thanks Bhav :)

Blogwati Gee said...

And I like your chain of thought :D

Blogwati Gee said...

Thanks Janu, you are too kind per usual.

Blogwati Gee said...

Hair raising is the right word Sri :P

Blogwati Gee said...

Should I spin the beans already? ;)

Blogwati Gee said...

Prateek, you always manage to pick the nuances of my writing....and I love that. Whenever you wanna use those lines, lemme know. Will mail them right over :D

Blogwati Gee said...

Pixie, I wish! This is just the figment of my imagination.....but I am so glad so many bought the story :)

Blogwati Gee said...

I will, I am just so lazy actually!

Blogwati Gee said...

Haan, dhone gaya hai :P

Bhavya said...

And you won!!! :D Congratulationsssssssss :D :D

Blogwati Gee said...

Ha ha ha Thanks Bhavya.....yes, I did :)

Purnima Iyer (Poornima Seetharaman) said...

Now do a tresemme wash, do the three step side sweep style, grab your favourite dress, and pose for us; for real! :D

Blogwati Gee said...

Ha ha ha as if the discussion on the pic on the forum wasn't enough Purnima :P thanks all the same.

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