Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oh Boy!

Some day when I am done
These grains of sand will speak
Of a boy who chased his destiny...
Today, let me just be

Some day when I am done
These waves will rush to greet
A man who took his chances...
Today, apprehensively they meet

Some day when I am done
The sky will paint a picturesque hue
Of dreams both shattered and made...
Today, they simply ask 'Will you?'

Some day when I am done
My shadow shall fear not the sun
For I'll fly away like the wind...
Today, however I am just one 

Some day when I am done
Pain shall trouble me no more
Like a melody I will flow...
Today, I knock on closed doors

Someday when I am done
I'll cross over to the other side
To live forever in eternity...
Today, I await the change of tide

For I have yet to accomplish and tread
Things undone and paths unknown
When the sun rises again tomorrow...
The battle to survive is my own

Happy to write this with Blog Fest 2012. 
Today we had to weave a post around the above photo prompthosted by Daphne


Journey of Life said...

Beautifully illustrated!

Blogwati Gee said...

Thank you, I loved penning it.

JANU said...

Loved your penning.

Kathy said...

Wow, this was awesome!!


Corinne @ Everyday Gyaan said...

The first poem I've read of yours and I'm not surprised that it's beautiful!

Ruchira said...

Beautifully written Vinita. Very very beautifully written !

Aabha Midha said...

Lovely Vinita... full of HOpe :)

mridulachitnis said...

Your words sound so easy and yet they imply profound things especially when you are in poetic mood. Thats the beauty of this one too.

danneromero said...

absolutely beautiful. it is so interesting what a picture means to different people... great write!

Jenn said...

This was just excellent. It is really up to us--to survive on our own-isn't it??

Great take on this prompt!

Cheers, Jenn.

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