Friday, October 12, 2012

Autumn Hues

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The pathway to heaven lay scattered 
With a golden palette so divine
Earthy oranges and reds on a platter
Mix to paint a tell tale sign

That every beginning must have an end
And whatever is new always turns old
The life we have has been lend
To treasure, to have and to hold

Let go of all that weighs you down
Set free the present from the past
Learn a lesson from the rustling browns
This moment too shall one day pass

You were meant to soar and greet the skies
Give shade, bear fruit and multiply
And when time for the final goodbye
Adorn the path on which you lie

For when someone will walk this way
You never know what joy you bring
With every autumn on a strewn pathway 
Comes a promise 'there will be spring'

Happy to write this with Blog Fest 2012. 
Today's prompt was 'Joys of Autumn'hosted by Jenny


mridulachitnis said...


sharmila said...

//with every Autumn.............will be spring //
Beautiful !

Kathy said...

That pathway of gold is gorgeous and your poem is brilliant. Well done!


Nirvana said...

that was so, so beautiful BG.. beautiful! Someone had once said that "Every writer starts out wanting to write a poem, settles for short stories, and ends up with a novel" ..... poetry is the most difficult to capture - u've done it beautifully here!

Jo said...

The best part is that spring shall come! That thought keeps me going.

Nicely done

Jenn said...

Oh wow-- this is just so wonderful--a masterpiece!! Excellent take on Autumn Joy!

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