Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Act of Contrition

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‘New lives for old’, I kept aloud
A trade that bespoke temptation
O’er tulle windows of crowded alleys
I scavenged with a strange fixation

A frail heart, a meek disposition
Almost anything would perfectly do
I had a city at my mercy to plunder
Oblivious to a fate, they had no clue

I bought the spirit of the wily woman
Who wanted to be forever young
And that man who cheated and swore
Got lashed away by my smooth tongue

As I went about collecting all these
Thoughtless, selfish and pitiable souls
I made a mental note to myself
The Devil is the ‘king of the trolls’

And then I met HIS tranquil gaze
Of the FATHER, HE was the begotten son
HE was willing to forego for their sake
A swap that seemed to me like fun

And so the barter was duly made
With HIS blood HE signed the deed
As all the lost souls were set afree
The Devil was yet to pay for his greed

I scorned HIM at HIS poor choice
Said that HE was a fool indeed
HE replied in a calm authority
My heart for my people bleeds

I told him that they weren’t worth
A new penny or an ounce of gold
HE smiled, looked me in the eyes
Something snapped my heart of cold

Suddenly, the brilliance of a thousand suns
All at once, filled the land of gloom
The heavens opened and angels sang
And pretty flowers were set to bloom

I fell down to my knees in surrender
Repentance urged by the death of a soul
HE then gently took me by my hand
And that’s when I was made whole.


JANU said...

Nice one...:)

Blogwati Gee said...

Damn, you are quick....I just posted it :) Thanks though!

nivs said...

Vini this is fabulous as usual ... But the line that caught my attention the fastest was "got lashed away by my smooth tongue" lol -- sooo you !!

Blogwati Gee said...

Lol, yeah, guilty as charge Nivs :)

mridulachitnis said...

good one,Im always in awe of you for wordplay. I imagine it is as easy for you as for the flower vendor weaving her flowers in the garland. all the best for the contest.

Blogwati Gee said...

Wow Mrids, what an analogy? Well, sometimes words just come. At other times they play hide and seek. This time they are being gracious I suppose :)

Ghazala Hossain said...

I super liked it and now with the picture of Jesus and devil, this one sure rocks :)

Blogwati Gee said...

Thanks Ghazala, tweaked it a bit to make it more relevant :)

Harshita Srivastava said...


Blogwati Gee said...

Gracias Harshita :)

Swati Swayamprava said...

Amazing- very powerful poetry & lines...Blogwati jee. You have a new fan!!

P V Ariel said...

Good to be here again
Well versed one
Keep it up
Keep inform
Keep writing

Blogwati Gee said...

Why thank you so much Swati :)

Blogwati Gee said...

Thank you for dropping by again Philip

Suzy said...

I love poems and this was just amazing. Made my hair stand on edge. Absolutely superb.

Blogwati Gee said...

Thank you Suzy.....glad you liked it. It is one of my faves too!

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