Saturday, March 10, 2012

Love thy Neighbour!

So begins another day
With a list of things I must do,
Chop, cook, sew and clean,
Multitasking the privilege of a few

My territory remains unchallenged,
For I am the queen of my castle.
Never miss a spot, always on time,
Even though the city life is a wrestle.

My neighbor came a knocking.
‘Twas early one day morn.
Barely stretched or sipped my tea,
I could hardly stifle a yawn.

Her daughter had run away she said,
She’d left a note by the door.
Between sobs of anger and betrayal,
She knew not where to go.

Now I like the home clean by 9.00,
So figured I had some time.
But if she continued to wail like she did,
I swear I’d have to draw the line.

Being the next door neighbor,
An occasional cup of sugar it was.
A discreet nod, a pleasant hello,
Then back within our four walls.

At last she was on her way,
Convinced the police would help.
I was only too glad to see her go,
I’d wasted enough time I felt.

Well as I cooked lunch, I wished,
My neighbor had made a mental note.
Of how to raise a responsible child,
With ethics rather than just dote.

How could she have not known?
How could she have missed the signs?
If she’d been more watchful,
She’d have caught on the first time.

Just then a piece of familiar writing,
Happened to catch the corner of my eye.
I read and re read for my dear Lord!
That girl had run away with my boy….


Anonymous said...

Darn good one!

Sonia Rao said...

Blogwati G, your hilariously insightful verse brings home the fact that what goes out comes back multi-fold - guess it must have slipped your multi-tasking mind:(.

Superbly written, loved it. Looking forward to more such gems that playfully teach me to be a better human being :))

Btw, are you in any way related to Bagwati G of ZNMD? ;)

BlogwatiG said...

Thank you Soniaji..........appreciate your time and insights. And yeah Bagwati is my first cousin :P Hola!

sumukh bansal said...

liked it :))

prateek mathur said...

ha ha ha...i am in splits blogwatiG...too good!

BlogwatiG said...

Thanks Sumukh :D

@ Prateek..............Danke! He he he he and for the record I don't have a son :P

Rahul Bhatia said...

A hilarious read:)

Purba said...

Guffaws! The preachy missus learnt her lesson the hard way :p

Akanksha said...

haha... awesome!!!! realisation dawned too late...
P.S. before i can put a comment, i need to prove dat i am not a robot!! :p

BlogwatiG said...

@ Purba, something about that goes around.....just that the preachy ones are the people who need a reminder :D

@ Akanksha, I own this damn thing...(in a way) and yes I have to prove that too every darn time :P

Anonymous said...

hahahaaaa this one is really really realllllyyyy awesome .. dunno how I havent read it before and it gets funnier when i think of people to fit into this situation !!!

sridevi datta said...

Ha ha ha ...still laughing out :) loved the twist at the end..well at least the boy left 'er a note..:)

Blogwati Gee said...

LOL, Sri this is a real old one. Glad you chanced upon it :D

Blogwati Gee said...

Oh I hear you alright :P

Blogwati Gee said...

thanks so much Rahul :)

Rickie said...

Aaj kal ke badtameez bachche, I tell you! :D
Thank God for people like you who write simple poetry that even a dhakkan like me can comprehend!

Blogwati Gee said...

Lol, yeh poetry thodi hai.....yeh toh ainvi rhyme ki gaddi hai :P

Rachna said...

haha Too funny! Must keep an eye on the two boys, what say ;-)!

Blogwati Gee said...

ha ha ha Rachna, toh girl toh mere pass bhi hai nah.....eye nahin....third eye rakhna padega :D

Roshni AaMom said...

hahah!! Well, at least the loose ends are neatly tied up! :D
Real good one!

Blogwati Gee said...

Well, you know what they say.....what goes around....comes around :D

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